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A Fundamental Shift In IT Service Delivery
Shipshape IT knows the business of Law.

Since it’s founding in 2010, Shipshape IT has consistently displaced competitors that lack the essential depth and breadth of experience necessary to help law firms leverage their information technology to mitigate front end investment and improve client services. Shipshape IT takes great pride in having retained 93% of our legal sector clients year after year.

Accordingly, we add value and mitigate risk.

We make your job easier by providing support for:

  • Keep Client Data Retained
  • Keep Client Data Protected
  • Ensure it is Secure and Remains Confidential
  • Safeguard Client and Firm Intellectual Property
  • Protect Against Ransomeware
  • Electronic Discovery Fundamentals
  • The Cloud & Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Maintaining Fiduciary Obligation to retain and keep confidential
  • Forming Technology Policy for Data Retention and Continuity
  • Documented, Planned Data Retention Schedule

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