IT Projects: From new deployments to moves to systems design, Shipshape can cover your project on a flat rate basis.

Shipshape IT has the qualifications and capabilities to assist a wide range of organizations with individual, one-time IT Projects, regardless of size or nature. Examples include email upgrades, physical moves, new application deployments, system design and audits. We perform these types of projects on a flat rate basis.

When a prospective client contacts Shipshape IT for support on an IT Project, our senior engineers are engaged at all levels of scope development and documentation. This detail evolves into defined deliverables clearly outlined within our agreement, implementation plans and acceptance terms. There is no ambiguity. We’ve been in this business long enough to know that beyond competence, the most critical factor for a successful IT Project is clarity.

So while our traditional competitors bill hourly and furnish estimates, they maintain an economic disincentive to eliminate ambiguity-at the expense of the client.  We provide a refreshing alternative.  Fixed price projects at Shipshape IT inherently require detailed planning and oversight to ensure price expectations, scope compliance and our clients' implementation schedules are all efficiently managed.  

Please contact us to discuss your needs. We will respond within 15 minutes.