How to Cut Down Your Company’s Costs with Outsourced IT Support

As a business owner, you understand that it takes a lot of wheels turning in order for your business to function properly. Managers are not just responsible for their customer’s satisfaction, but also for making sure their business operations run smoothly at all times. For many businesses, information technology is one of the most important aspects of their work. In light of the increasing importance of information technology, the question becomes whether or not to consider outsourcing IT services.

If business owners are searching for consistency in regards to the cost of IT solutions, working with an outsourced IT support team can be the best decision you make. After all, the value of outsourced IT was expected to surpass $4 billion by the end of last year. From boosting your data security to boosting operational efficiency, there are many benefits to outsourcing your technology support and infrastructure. 

Less Money Spent on Training Employees

Plenty of business owners choose to invest in their employees by offering various training options for them. Training is a key part of preparing employees to do their job at their fullest potential. The only issue is that if a business has many employees, costs for training can quickly skyrocket. If you find yourself unable to provide enough training for employees, hiring an external IT support dc team can help reduce those costs tremendously. The major benefit here is that an outsourced IT team is already fully equipped with professionals who can handle any task thrown their way. Managers end up spending less in the long run because they already have a team who has the knowledge, expertise and experience to carry out these tasks, therefore less training is needed for full-time employees. 

No Need for Hiring More Employees for an In-House Team

Hiring a full in-house IT team can end up costing employers significantly more money because of all the extra costs that come with full-time employment such as benefits, health insurance, training, paid leave and more. Plus, there’s always the potential of having a high-value tech resource leave the company and take their knowledge with them! When you work with an external technology company to provide infrastructure and support for your business, you will have stronger continuity of knowledge to support your business as there’s a team behind decisions instead of relying on internal individuals. Making the decision to outsource your IT team is a great way to save money and precious resources that are used by hiring a brand new team to your already existing employee roster. 

Work With the Most Qualified Technical Professionals


Having an efficient team is incredibly vital for any business to function. Many businesses can have a hard time maintaining a full technical team that can effectively maintain and carry out all required daily tasks. Payroll expenses are lofty, and business owners can find themselves in a tight spot because of this. If you find yourself struggling to keep your organization afloat, it’s important that you hire the best, most qualified person for the job. Hiring an external IT team can ensure that they are well-equipped with all the skills necessary so you can simply let them do their job. 

Easy Access to the Software Needed to Operate Your Business 

Purchasing all of the equipment and software your team needs can be very costly. There are so many different options for software to help carry out your tasks, and many of them are expensive. If a business owner wants to keep costs down, hiring an IT team externally can help with that because you will already have access to the software they already use. Your IT services partner can help with negotiating contracts with new software vendors as well as offering your organization access to discount pricing due to the greater buying power of an IT provider.

Avoid Wasting Your Time on Projects

Because outsourced IT teams are trained to offer the optimal service for their clients, it means that they won’t have to spend their time doing things outside of their expected role. The work will always be high quality and they’ll be able to focus all of their energy on the tasks needed. This is extremely helpful because by taking that pressure off of your current employees, they can focus on what they need to do rather than solving issues they aren’t equipped or knowledgeable enough to handle. It’s truly the best thing a business owner can offer their employees; transparency in what their daily tasks are. 

Because of the uptick in outsourced IT services (it continued to rise up to 13 percent in 2020), many businesses are expected to utilize this service in their work. Ultimately, deciding to outsource your IT services will help you reduce expenses and improve the overall efficiency of your work. 

Get the Help You Need With Shipshape IT Services

Here at Shipshape, we offer comprehensive services for IT in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. Shipshape IT can provide your organization with everything it needs to grow and thrive, starting with a needs analysis and finding the perfect business and technical solutions. Our founding premise is that an IT company should be able to align its values and interests with every one of its clients. What this looks like for us is consistent and predictable billing, rapid responses to all of your technical problems and offering uncomplicated solutions to solve those problems. We pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide. 

We must fundamentally alter the way we think about IT services due to dramatic changes in technology, shifting business practices, and a volatile economic environment.

Adapting the traditional IT service model, Shipshape IT addresses these new realities. We offer expert workers and incredible technology that offers a high-quality level of services to medium and small businesses at costs that no one else in the industry is offering. Together, we combine processes, people, ideas, technology and experience in a way that transforms how IT services are delivered for small to mid-size organizations.

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