The Future of IT Support

Businesses have adopted technology to keep up with the rate at which the nature of work is changing. IT support services are essential for a business’s growth, from securing the company’s confidential data to implementing network infrastructure that improves the workplace’s productivity. With the increasing trend in digital transformation, jumping on the tech wagon without proper consultation can negatively impact your business. 

Two in three companies report that they need to update outdated infrastructure as one of the most sought-after business priorities. Besides updating IT infrastructure, new possibilities for automating processes with artificial intelligence drive demand for outsourcing technical skills. IT support will focus on solving problems before you notice them, so you can anticipate upcoming changes. 

What Is IT Support? 

IT support refers to assisting businesses regarding technology-related innovations. This assistance includes recommending hardware and software, setup, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of your business’s IT infrastructure. Technology has become an integral part of any organization aiming to streamline its processes and enhance its growth. 

Managed IT services provide comprehensive support that goes further than troubleshooting technology-related issues. Such services include: 

  • Optimizing your business’s network infrastructure to improve its performance 
  • Implementing protocols to secure your network against cyberattacks 
  • Backing up your data for effective disaster recovery and continuity 
  • Live monitoring of all your systems and applications 

These services help businesses with the necessary support to shift and adopt digital transformation. Before considering what to expect from IT support, let’s look at what enterprises gain from outsourcing IT services. 

Benefits of IT Support 

For any business, shifting to digital requires migrating your traditional processes to online or cloud platforms. Whether you want to acquire new hardware like data servers, work with hybrid infrastructure, or move all your services to the cloud, implementing technology in your workflow can be a hassle. IT support specialists enable you to embark on this journey conveniently, backed by experience in the industry that guarantees the technical aspects of your business are handled effectively. 

Enhanced Productivity 

Leaving the technical jargon to experts while focusing on your business’s sales, customer experience, and improving your products or services allows you to satisfy your target audience better. IT support professionals can help you prevent technical issues that can impede your workflow. When such problems occur, managed IT services providers resolve them quickly without affecting your team’s productivity. 


Imagine buying technical equipment incompatible with your business’s processes. You would have to get new compatible equipment or shift your operations to align with what you have. Managed IT services providers offer consultation to acquire hardware and software that works best for you. 

Round-the-clock Support 

With 24/7 monitoring, issues are detected and tackled immediately as they occur. Managed IT services providers can automate solutions for recurrent errors to avoid any glitches in your network. IT support also offers mobile access to enable your team to resolve issues from anywhere, improving response time. 

Looking Into the Future of IT Support 

IT support evolves with technology. As elements like machine learning, artificial learning, and virtual reality become more commonplace in businesses, you can expect managed IT services providers to innovate accordingly and deliver better support. Although we cannot be certain of knowing which IT technology or programming language will be the next big thing in the technology sector, we can infer that due to the adoption of data science and machine learning, more features will be built around recommendation and automation. 

Accelerated Adoption of Automation 

While more businesses will adopt automation to reduce manual, repetitive tasks, the same will go for IT support. Increased automation will enable teams to resolve common issues quickly and implement systems that help businesses troubleshoot some network errors personally. This feature will improve customers’ experience when interacting with companies and reduce the technical workload. 

Increased Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybercriminals are finding better ways to hack and steal businesses’ and customers’ confidential data. From malware to DDoS attacks, the list is nearly endless. Focusing on educating members of your team regarding solid cybersecurity awareness—including detecting suspicious phishing emails, password protection, and office policies—will increase your chances of guarding your information against cybercriminals. With Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems, IT support becomes more proactive in securing your data. 

IT Support Across Multiple Channels

Customers access businesses through several platforms. From searching for your product on social media to interacting with sales representatives via phone calls or email, there is more than one way for customers to engage with your business. This omnichannel interaction is more convenient for the customer and your business as it enables you to reach more of your target audience across several platforms. 

IT support will provide more options for businesses to receive high-quality support, including face-to-face virtual calls and on-site chats to improve real-time issue resolution. Moving forward, the main point of innovation will be prevention rather than troubleshooting to reduce operations downtime and customer churn. 

Enhance Your Business’s IT Infrastructure With Shipshape IT

From automating repeatable tasks to scaling according to your business’s needs, managed IT services can support you so you can focus on growing your business. Shipshape IT provides white-glove IT services that make your job easier, including reviewing your network infrastructure to guarantee security. Our IT experts can provide you with detailed reports on shortcomings and recommendations to boost your systems. Fill out our contact form today, or call us at 703-312-9040 to learn how we can help you increase the efficiency of your business’s operations.

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