How Your Business Benefits From Technology Business Reviews

Maintaining your technical platforms starts and ends with security, but are you confident all your platforms are fully optimized for your unique business needs? As your company grows over time, your technology platforms also grow and evolve. Sometimes that happens organically, which can lead to software that doesn’t fit together exactly as it should and integrations that are a little iffy—at best. 

Creating a business plan and executing a full review of your tech stack against your business goals is often difficult and time-consuming. This is why many businesses turn to a trusted technology partner to complete this type of assessment. Working with your managed service provider in Washington DC or external consultants often provides the added firepower needed to prioritize a business review. Investing time and effort in reviewing your current technology and operations against future business needs can provide the competitive advantage you need for long-term success. 

What Is a Technology Business Review? 

What if you could have an external business consultant come into your business and confidentially review all your operations, providing expert advice on where to optimize systems and processes? That’s what you’re getting with a technology business review from a trusted and qualified IT services professional or team of experts. This deep dive into your infrastructure is aimed at creating a snapshot of your business processes as well as identifying opportunities for improvement to aid your operational excellence in the future. 

Here are a few questions a solid technology business review can help answer: 

  • Should I upgrade my hardware this year or wait until the future? 
  • Am I using the most efficient hardware? 
  • Would offsite data hosting provide better security? 
  • Are my systems fully compatible, or are there risks for data loss or security gaps? 
  • Is my cybersecurity profile up to date? 

One of the most important questions involves fully defining where your business is suffering from tech debt—the likelihood developers will have to rework code in the future due to rushing through requirements gathering and builds. 

Uncover Inefficient Operations 

It’s not unusual to find process redundancy when you’re working through a systematic technology business review. Teams may be using slightly different software platforms to perform the same functions, which introduces unnecessary complexity and creates potential security risks. An external IT partner able to ask the difficult questions of your teams may find there are options for consolidating operations, as well as software or hardware platforms. This can reduce inefficiencies, save money on redundant systems, and create a more secure environment in which your business can thrive. 

Redefine Security Standards Throughout the Business 

Security is a leading challenge for businesses of all sizes. Don’t believe your security risk is low just because you’re a small- to mid-sized business! The opposite is likely true—hackers may target your systems simply because your security barriers are perceived to be easier to break through. A review of the technology providing a foundation for your business can uncover some of these situations. External IT consultants are able to introduce best practices and leverage their cross-industry knowledge to redefine security standards in a way that works for your users as well as your business needs. 

Benchmark Industry Best Practices 

Are you confident you’re using the best software and hardware for your unique business needs? A technology business review can help identify cutting-edge tech that could be leveraged to drive efficiencies throughout your business. IT consultants often specialize in a particular business vertical, allowing them to gather best practices from a wide range of companies. Having this information available first-hand as you’re reviewing business goals allows your IT partner to make solid recommendations that will add efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the overall security of your business. 

Reduce Tech Debt 

There’s always tremendous pressure on developers and project managers to deliver clean and consistent code under too-tight deadlines, often with limited information. When this happens, it can lead to significant rework that costs the business additional time and competitive advantage. Identifying where this could potentially happen with current projects may allow the business to adjust timelines or deliverables to a more realistic framework. An external technology services partner can often identify where this type of situation is occurring and provide the business with justifications for making changes to projects struggling with tech debt. 

Enhance Cost Structures 

Are you confident you’re getting the best possible price for your hardware and software? A technology business review with a trusted IT services partner may uncover significant cost-saving opportunities that can add up over time. Whether that means a Microsoft discount on your workstations or deeper discounts on software licenses, a holistic review offers insight into opportunities to enhance your technology cost structures. 

Let ShipShape IT Be Your Partner in a Technology Business Review 

At ShipShape IT, our team of knowledgeable professionals works cross-functionally to ensure you have the necessary insight to meet your business needs both now and in the future. We appreciate when companies bring us alongside during a technology business review because it gives us the opportunity to dive deep into your tech stack and processes and make recommendations based on our broad industry knowledge. Contact us today at 703-312-9040 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation with our team.

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