Our Mission

To provide a premium, White Glove experience to the traditionally underserved small business market.

Shipshape IT is here to make a difference—in your organization and the IT industry at large.

This profound difference stems from our founding premise—that an IT services company can and should, by design, align its interests with those of its clients. This means rapid response to technical issues. It means predictable and consistent billing. It means uncluttered and uncomplicated options. In short, it means superior service.

Our unique approach is the result of a confluence of market conditions in recent years. Dramatic changes in technology, the shifting nature of how businesses operate, and a volatile economic environment have all triggered the need to fundamentally alter the way we think about IT services.

Shipshape IT meets these new realities by evolving the traditional IT service model. Accordingly, we offer state-of-the-art technology, expert staff and a higher level of service to small and medium sized businesses at predictable and consistent cost points simply not offered elsewhere in the industry. We combine people, processes, ideas, experience and technology in a transformational way. The result is IT service like you’ve never experienced.