White Glove IT Services

We don’t just wish you bon voyage. We’re on board.

White Glove Service: Set Your Expectations Higher

White Glove IT Service is provided with an elevated level of care and attention to detail leaving the client with overwhelming satisfaction in the value received.

Shipshape IT achieves this objective by design. We started by effectively eliminating the most frustrating issues inherent in delivering IT services to small and medium sized businesses and creating solutions that place our goals in line with our clients. The result is consistent rapid response and zero hourly billing/upcharges, all without the risk of long-term contracts. 

Our clients benefit from our business model, philsohy and the employees it attracts. We’re confident you will too.

We offer structured Managed IT Services for businesses from one to dozens or hundreds of staff. Click here to learn more.

From the outset of a potential client engagement, Shipshape IT goes far beyond industry norm in our effort to deliver a clear and concise proposal for your business. We do this by providing senior technical talent at our expense to learn how your technology supports the people, goals and mission of your organization. We begin by first asking the right questions, then listening to your answers until we’ve properly defined your specific needs and goals. Only then do we formulate, implement and manage effective IT policies, response protocols and strategic guidance that conforms to the needs and budget of each unique client.

The SRA ensures that we deliver of a proposal that is clear and concise in scope and price while providing our prospective clients firsthand experience interacting with our people and processes. 

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SRA Overview and Facilitation

Deployment of a new IT vendor can be daunting, unless you’ve done it hundreds of times, refining and improving methods, processes and communications. From your Intake meeting, where your technical advisor will begin building a comprehensive set of documentation that will serve our staff and yours, your technical advisor (TA) will ensure that you are informed and know what to expect as services are deployed. 

As deployment progresses, your TA will become our resident expert on your business, people and preferences, memorializing this information in your documentation portal. Once Portal has been completed this information is used by our Support Services Team to rapidly address any inquiries or issues. Your TA will remain involved and available at all times.

Hear from Shipshape IT clients about our Onboarding process here.

Portal is the communications backbone of the administrative and logistical elements of our managed services delivery. Portal is shared with our clients and ensures proper oversight of Shipshape IT’s performance, keeping you informed about your IT operations with traceability, version control and collaborative updates. 

In addition to real time updates on service tickets and proactive alerts for critical dates such as domain renewals, Portal documents and tracks Policies and Procedures, Risk Awareness, future technology initiatives and related vendors such as your ISP or office equipment providers and much more.

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Hear firsthand accounts of the virtues of Portal here.

The most valuable thing we offer our clients is not technology. It’s talent. Further, it’s the right level of talent. Shipshape IT is aligned with its clients in the goal of resolving their issues as quickly as possible. As such, we have discarded the tired but all too common practice of employing junior-level engineers to attempt a fix for a few hours, before determining the problem must be escalated to a better qualified engineer. Since we don’t bill hourly, we provide senior-level talent from the start, which serves our interests as much as those of our clients.

Clients benefit from our proprietary BRISTOL Training which focuses on the human elements of providing IT support. You will find our staff to be knowledgeable, patient and focused on caring for your business and your team.

Our executive team each have more than 30 years of experience providing superior IT service to hundreds of organizations, each with unique needs and circumstances. We fully understand that technology is a business tool and must be managed accordingly. We know that IT investments and implementation are based on practical considerations and bottom-line benefits. You will find this understanding clearly reflected in the structure and combination of Services which we offer.

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It’s no coincidence that Shipshape IT exceeds the industry norms for both client and employee retention. Successful companies begin with talented people supported by a strong management team and working within the right business model. All of these elements are required to attract and retain the best staff, who in turn delight our clients at every interaction. 

In fact, year over year, 93% of Shipshape IT clients choose to stay. Not due to captive contracts, but as a result of their experience working with our company and our people (who also choose to extend their employment with us well beyond typical industry tenure.

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