Cyber-attacks are a growing threat for small businesses and the U.S. economy.

Small businesses and their work-from-home (WFH) employees present attractive target to cybercriminals, and typically lack the security infrastructure of larger businesses.

Yet many businesses can’t afford professional IT solutions, have limited time to devote to cybersecurity, or they don’t know where to begin.

Engaging Shipshape IT for an informal cybersecurity assessment will help you learn about common and emerging cyberthreats, better understand where your business in vulnerable and equip you to make critical decisions to better secure your IT and reduce your risk.

Companies select Shipshape IT as their Washington DC Cybersecurity firm to gain the expertise needed to defend against the rise in the volume, sophistication and cost of cybercrime against small businesses.

Shipshape IT was formed to make a difference in the small business IT industry- and in your organization. Our Washington DC cybersecurity services are aligned with the size and risk of your business.

State-of-the-art technology, expert staff, highly skilled at interacting with your team, and decades combined experience in the safe-keeping of the information and IT infrastructure of hundreds of organizations.

Our team helps a wide range of companies in all industries with full-service IT support solutions:

  • Creating and implementing a secure computing environment
  • Ensuring your data is protected and available, wherever your team works
  • Getting easy, local access to certified IT experts
  • Updating or meeting regulatory compliance standards

We focus on customizing our support to the unique needs of your organization.

You Can Trust Your Local IT Cybersecurity Experts

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With deep roots in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Shipshape IT is widely known for providing small and medium-scale businesses with tailored cybersecurity and IT support services.

We operate across several industries and with different professionals. We work with law firms, federal contractors, non-profit organizations, small and medium-sized businesses and those in healthcare. We do not mandate our relationships with these companies via contractual obligations. Clients have the flexibility to leave if not delighted with our service and value.

“We interviewed a number of companies to take over our IT function. Shipshape IT stood out among all of these companies…” — Director of Finance & Administration, Non-profit Organization (Client Since 2014)

Why Businesses in the Washington DC Area Outsource Their IT Support Needs

Consistent, High-Performing and Reliable IT Services

As the world continues its path to digitization, more and more services rely on consistent high performance and reliable systems to function. Any slight decline in efficiency can cause interruption in your ability to respond to your clients.

Defining True Value in Your Technology Solutions

Small and medium-sized businesses usually delegate the IT support role to a single staff, which is counterintuitive considering the array of needs and the responsibilities that come with the task. You do not have to worry about your IT staff being a “jack of all trades” with your IT needs. Our team of experienced IT staff with various fields of expertise will ensure your network and staff are performing without interruption.

A More Focused Work Approach

It can be challenging to worry about every portion of your business without one area suffering from the lack of attention. When you outsource your cybersecurity and IT operations to Shipshape IT, your focus can remain on your core mission.

Assess My IT Support Requirements

This assessment is performed by senior technical staff, at our expense, for qualified prospects.

Schedule a No Cost Assessment

Shipshape IT, at our expense, will deliver a report detailing identified security gaps and recommendations.

Why Choose Shipshape IT for Your Washington DC Cybersecurity Needs?

Local Support for as Long as Needed

We typically resolve Washington DC clients’ IT problems using our remote management toolset. However, there are times when remote management may not be sufficient. Should this be the case for you, we will not hesitate to dispatch local technical support staff to manage the problem on-site.

Flexible Contract Requirements

Because of our flexible contracts small and medium-sized businesses in the Washington DC area are able to work with Shipshape without risk or apprehension. Our IT support clients can leave after 90 days with a 30-day prior notice. Fortunately, very few of our clients take advantage of this policy: Over 93% of our DC area clients choose to renew their contracts yearly.

Swift Response and Timing

The IT and cybersecurity industry is time-sensitive because every minute spent offline translates to poor sales or increases the risk of invasion by malicious actors. As such, we are always on-call to forestall the breakdown of your IT-based services and fix them right away. We typically respond to your complaints within 15 minutes.

Well-Trained Staff

You may have been plagued with IT companies that hire less experienced support technicians who demand lower hourly pay but are unable to complete a task without escalation and additional delay. At Shipshape, we prioritize effectiveness and prompt service delivery through our proprietary Critical Management as a Service (CMaaS). We hire experienced, exceptional and talented people and provide them with a continuous reward and a development roadmap.

How Shipshape Tackles Your Problems

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We operate a three-pronged approach to every problem: people, process and technology. We ensure that the right people have access to the respective technologies and utilize the most appropriate techniques to attend to your IT support needs.

Our methods ensure your organization’s system works optimally so that other business activities can enjoy your undivided attention. We prevent and solve problems, collect, maintain and disseminate data, and record and document progress. To provide a holistic solution, we begin every new client relationship by asking the right question, which helps us define their goals and objectives clearly. Only then do we formulate, implement and manage effective IT policies and response protocols while still patterning the services to suit the needs and budget of each client.

Enhance Your Company’s Productivity and Cybersecurity Standards

While there are many benefits to outsourcing your company’s IT support and cybersecurity initiatives, perhaps the most important is peace of mind. Having Shipshape IT on your side allows you to focus on the hard work of ensuring customers are fully satisfied with your services. We help bring efficiency, consistency and security to your business operations and will be by your side at each stage of the process. Our ongoing business reviews offer your staff members and other stakeholders a high degree of confidence. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and see why Shipshape IT is the trusted provider for so many companies in our area!

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