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Washington DC IT Consulting to Secure Your IT and Reduce Your Risk.

Information Technology and the threat of cybercrime are evolving more rapidly than ever. New technologies, new applications, and new business models disrupt established industries. The power of digital transformation comes from being ahead of the curve with planned innovation that leverages the latest and emerging technologies to transform your business. At Shipshape IT, we offer small businesses unlimited IT consulting services that provide expert cybersecurity assessments, strategic planning and proactive support necessary to secure your IT and reduce your risk. Ensuring your technology is up to date and tracking and evaluating emerging solutions takes a committed partner. At Shipshape IT we don’t just wish you bon-voyage, we’re 100% on board. Let our experts help chart your course for cyber success.

IT Consulting Companies Depend On: Washington, DC

Shipshape IT experts are here to provide the technology services and solutions you need. Our IT consultants work to understand your business, its needs, and objectives. The result is clear and concise recommendations that benefit your business.

For IT consulting in Washington, DC, businesses often look for solutions that will improve performance, integrate systems, enhance security and drive productivity. With Shipshape IT, our experts identify and solve your most significant technical challenges.

When should you consider using an IT consultant?

  • Your business is responsible for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other sensitive data pertaining to your clients or client’s clients.
  • You have not updated your cybersecurity practices since the pandemic
  • Your staff is experiencing frustration using the organization’s technology
  • You know there is a better way, but your current IT provider hasn’t made any recommendations
  • The “tech-savvy” employee in the office is weary from being in the IT department.


Once we’ve assessed your IT infrastructure, we will provide customized IT recommendations to fit your unique business needs. Our IT consulting services are designed to align with your business strategies, working to define the solutions, budgets, and schedules necessary to leverage today’s best IT technologies.

Our IT consulting services include proactive management meetings to discuss opportunities, assess progress, and ensure that your business goals and IT infrastructure are in sync. We strive for continuous improvement, helping our clients stay on top of emerging issues that may affect their business, people, and reputation.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Today

Companies of all sizes are facing ever-increasing threats from cyberattacks. These attacks happen at every level of your technology – software, hardware, and networks – and the majority are targeting your team via their inbox using sophisticated phishing attempts and spoofed credentials that appear authentic.

With IT consulting services in place, your company can be protected from ransomware, malware, and other attacks that can cripple systems and damage your company’s reputation. IT security today has many facets. Our consultants can assess each component of your IT operations to identify potential gaps in security and recommend improvements based on industry best practices. Our cybersecurity insights can help with:

  • Monitoring At a minimum, you should have robust monitoring tools to look for suspicious activity, keep data protected, and identify, contain, and eradicate threats automatically
  • Automated Updates. Ensure that your software and hardware are up to date and protected with automated updating solutions
  • Staff Education. Many cyber attacks happen due to a lack of awareness or education. Ensure that your employees are aware of cyber threats and how to protect themselves and the company.

Building a Strategic Plan for Technology with IT Consulting DC

Today’s news reports constantly alert us to burgeoning IT technologies – blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, machine learning, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, to name a few. Keeping track of all the technologies, products and opportunities can be daunting.

Shipshape IT consultants keep apprised of the latest news and information, analyze the options and distill it for clients, helping them gain the insights needed to make smart business decisions.

Why IT Consulting Is Critical for Your Washington, D.C. Business

There are many benefits to working with an experienced IT consulting services firm. Companies look to Shipshape IT to gain significant competitive advantages.

Develop an IT Road Map

With the right IT consulting services, you can build an actionable strategic IT plan and budget. With an IT road map in hand, you can understand and plan for the opportunities, needs, and impact of various technology solutions for your business.

Improve Staff Efficiency and Impact

You want your team to work smartly and effectively. Increasingly, that means having the right tools and systems that allow employees to act quickly and work efficiently. Our IT experts can identify the tools and education necessary to keep staff updated, connected and protected. We are an extension of your IT team, providing insights and solutions to get the most out of your technology investment. With four locations in the Washington, D.C. area, Shipshape IT is available to support your business with managed IT services, consulting and support. Learn more about our consulting services that will advance your business.

Reduce Operating Costs

Obsolete and inefficient technology is a drag on employee work output and increases your business costs. IT consulting services can identify vulnerabilities and recommend solutions that save time and money. Working with Shipshape IT, you will gain insights that pay for themselves in no time.

Preserve Business Continuity

Does your business have a plan to address an unexpected loss of networks or data due to natural disasters, cyberattacks or even a power loss? Business continuity strategy and disaster recovery planning are critical components of any sound IT strategic plan. How long would your company be down if an earthquake, flood, fire, or severe storm were to hit your business? Without backups and disaster recovery plans in place, your business could lose customers and revenue that could be crippling.

Manage Cloud Migration

Moving data, applications and operating systems to the cloud is a wise step, providing flexibility, security and efficiency. Knowing how to move to the cloud and in what sequence requires careful planning and strategic discussions. Our IT strategists can help determine which cloud products are best for your company and how to prepare for a smooth transition.

Remain in Regulatory Compliance

Remaining compliant with various regulatory mandates is a complex task. Regulations at the international, federal, state, local and industry levels require careful planning, detailed reporting and audit procedures to ensure compliance. Your business needs experienced IT consulting expertise to navigate a complex regulatory landscape.

Due Diligence & Clearly Defined Deliverables: IT Support Requirements Assessment.

Through mature processes and meticulous due diligence, clients benefit from consistent rapid response and zero hourly billing/upcharges, all without the risk of long-term contracts. This due diligence process begins with Shipshape IT’s Support Requirements Assessment.

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