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Delivering Reliable Managed IT Services to Keep Your
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Are you constantly stressed about managing your IT infrastructure efficiently?

Our managed IT services can alleviate your IT concerns and streamline your operations


Count on our IT support team for seamless operations. We provide swift solutions to technical issues, ensuring your business functions smoothly and efficiently, so you can stay focused on growth.


Protect your valuable data and digital assets with our robust cybersecurity solutions. Our proactive measures safeguard your business from cyber threats, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly connected world.

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Streamline operations with our proactive managed IT services. We handle everything, from monitoring to maintenance, so you can focus on what matters most


Leverage our expert IT consultants to strategize and optimize your technology landscape. We tailor solutions to fit your unique needs, ensuring your business thrives in the digital age.

Comprehensive Security Awareness Training Program

Small business technologies remain mostly unsheltered from the rising wave of phishing attacks. Shipshape IT stands in solidarity with your cybersecurity strategy, helping businesses like yours track and flag malicious tricks meant to deceive your employees into providing valuable information to perpetrators. We take a user-centric approach, training your staff and partners through our interactive learning modules and unlimited, automated simulation attacks.

Advanced Cloud Solutions To Boost Your Capacity

Delivering low-cost services at scale can be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively with cloud solutions. Migrating IT resources to the cloud and choosing the best provider can be overwhelming to less tech-savvy business managers. Shipshape IT offers superior cloud support – a top-tier service that forms the basis for our integrated disaster recovery and business continuity. Adams Morgan businesses can turn to us for seamless, on-demand services at a fraction of the cost.

We are committed to delivering superior IT services that align with your business goals


We understand the need to address mission critical failures immediately, no matter when they occur. We monitor critical systems 24×7, whether they’re in your facilities, ours or with your cloud provider.


Shipshape IT follows a fixed-price model, aiming for efficient IT operations and quick issue resolution through proactive support. Clients benefit from predictable monthly fees and skilled staff, avoiding billing confusion.


Clients can terminate our services after 90 days, as we prioritize surpassing expectations over contractual obligation. Our impressive 93% client retention rate reflects our commitment. Feel free to contact our customers for feedback.


Portal tracks all client issues and their resolutions and provides essential documentation, recording their service and purchase history, procedures, policies, system components and other relevant data.


The way we see it, if you’re our client, you hired us to perform a critical mission. Our infrastructure and expertise should be available to you without limitation in order to accomplish this mission. For Critical MaaS clients, your fee remains the same.


Shipshape IT’s sustained success can be attributed to hiring the right people, supported by a strong management team and the right business model. All of these elements are required to attract and retain the best staff.


Critical MaaS clients benefit from ongoing consultation at no additional fee. Shipshape IT management and senior technical staff hold regular meetings with Critical MaaS clients to discuss evolving and new technologies, potential risks or gaps presented by new threats and the general welfare of your IT operation and supported staff.


As your business and technology advance, there will inevitably be the need to purchase hardware and software to implement improvements to your IT operation. Shipshape IT makes recommendations based on the best available technology for each unique business situation and are driven strictly by our alignment with our clients.


This means rapid response to technical issues. It means predictable and consistent billing. It means uncluttered and uncomplicated options. In short, it means superior service.

Address Urgent Strategic Business Needs with Confidence

Convenience, cost-cutting capability, growth, and seamless operations make up a significant weight of Adams Morgan’s business needs. IT is an integral part of your business objectives, and we’re here to ensure that you get whatever you need to succeed. Deliver actionable solutions and seamless customer experiences with the power of a locally managed IT partner! 

Cost-Effective and Scalable Managed IT Services

The IT cost factor makes up a significant chunk of your monthly spend. Per-hour MSPs and per-device support providers can often come out as expensive – because they are. Our flat-rate pricing model delivers flexible support, whenever you need it without hidden costs. Besides our cost-effective Adams Morgan IT support, we help businesses grow through seamless solutions protected by advanced security options.

Getting started with us is as simple as scheduling a free consultation

Discovery Call

To determine if our services are a good business fit for your organization’s needs and gain insight into your people, plans and priorities.

Mutual Privacy

Before we ask you to discuss your IT operations in detail, we protect your privacy via a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
You can review it here here.

Requirements Assessment

This due diligence, performed at our expense, by senior technical staff, ensures that our proposal to you is uncluttered and tailored to your business.
There are additional benefits in the overview, here.

Shipshape IT Proposal

Our services are uncomplicated and uncluttered and so are our proposals.
Your proposal will be tailored to your organization's specific needs and will provide recommendations for any issues identified in the assessment.

Contract Execution

Once an agreement is executed, your Deployment Manager is assigned The Deployment Manager is tasked with becoming the subject matter expert on your IT operations and logistics.

Kickoff Meeting

After contract execution and prior to service initiation, your Deployment Manager will work with stakeholders to plan a secure, orderly transition to Shipshape IT services.

Intake Planning

The starting point for Shipshape IT to document information unique to your organization for proper IT operations and business management.
Examples include data retention policies, resource access, license tracking, after-hours access, vendor tracking, procurement authority, equipment warranties, and more.

Service Initiation

Support requests are directed to the Deployment Manager while documentation and deployment of services are completed.

Intake Complete

Once the documentation and deployment tasks are completed, requests are directed to the Support Desk.
Your Deployment Manager will remain as your technical advisor, taking a proactive role in future technology initiatives and the smooth operation of your network.

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Got Questions About Our Managed Services in Adams Morgan, DC?

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing managed IT services is the cost-lowering effect it has on business. Small businesses particularly suffer from high labor costs brought on by hiring in-house staff. Monthly salaries, benefits, pensions, and office costs can cause a drain on the bottom line. Outsourced IT providers are able to cut down these costs and, at the same time, savor the diverse expertise and advanced technologies of a local, managed IT service provider.

Our IT support team can help remediate and resolve network connectivity issues weighing down on your business. Network issues can be caused by potential attackers or damaged network components within your network. No matter the issue, if it affects your critical mission tasks, we’re perfectly positioned to respond within 15 minutes.

Our multi-layered cybersecurity solutions take into account the need to address current and future potential issues by recruiting people, processes, and technology to a strong resistance against attacks. We further monitor your critical systems 24/7, so we’re always in the know when things go wrong.

IT consulting can enhance the efficiency of your business in that your IT consulting partner will align your technology to meet your goals. A strategic IT consulting partner will help you choose the best technologies for your business needs and minimize the wastage on technologies that your business doesn’t need.

Shipshape’s managed IT service is compliant with industry and government regulations regarding the handling, processing, and storage of sensitive personal data. We help healthcare providers remain compliant with HIPAA regulations and alleviate the impact of non-compliance by fortifying security around business and personal data.

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