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Why Shipshape IT is The Top-Rated Managed IT Services Provider in Capitol Hill, DC?

Unlimited On-Site Support

If your IT support issue cannot be resolved quickly using our remote management toolset, we will dispatch technical support staff to your location at no additional charge.

Flexible Contracts

93% of Capitol Hill area clients who choose Shipshape IT, also choose to retain our services year over year. By providing IT support clients the flexibility to leave after 90 days with 30-day notice, small businesses in the Capitol Hill, DC area can engage Shipshape IT without risk or apprehension.

Superior Staff

Competitors that charge an hourly rate for IT support have an economic incentive to hire staff that costs less yet requires more time to complete a job. Under Shipshape IT’s Comprehensive Management as-a-Service, (CMaaS), our incentive is to support staff and systems with maximum effectiveness. This means we hire experienced, amazingly talented people and provide them with a deliberate growth and reward path to ensure they are motivated to stay at the top of their game and remain with us long term.

Rapid Response

At Shipshape IT, we’re focused on providing outstanding client service. Any IT support issue that interrupts your business will be treated with urgency. That is why we respond to you within 15 minutes and begin support immediately.

Optimize your business processes with Shipshape IT's Capitol Hill IT support services

IT support goes far and beyond simply monitoring your infrastructure. Fortunately, we currently live in an age of abundance where Capitol Hill, DC businesses can optimize their operations with comprehensive IT support from reliable IT support partners like Shipshape IT. Our well-trained and experienced IT staff understand more than anyone that efficient computers, printers, cloud solutions, phone systems, hardware, and networks aid in paving the way for a successful business future.

That is why we tie our IT support services to your specific business’s needs. At Shipshape IT, we believe that every business deserves top care and support to navigate the nuances of IT. As such, we match every client to hand-picked industry experts with unmatched experience and a proven track record. 

Learn how our IT support services for SMBs can help you drive life-changing results in your day-to-day operations.

Due Diligence & Clearly Defined Deliverables: IT Support Requirements Assessment.

Through mature processes and meticulous due diligence, clients benefit from consistent rapid response and zero hourly billing/upcharges, all without the risk of long-term contracts. This due diligence process begins with Shipshape IT’s Support Requirements Assessment.

Support Requirements Assessment: Objectives

Why CMaaS?

Shipshape IT’s Comprehensive Management-as-a-Service (CMaaS) makes your job easier with clearly defined & meticulously 

managed deliverables. We serve as your logistical, technical, and administrative authority for your IT Support Services. Shipshape IT’s CMaaS enables you to quickly implement a full suite of mission critical IT support and infrastructure services for your Capito Hill area small or medium size business.

  • Redundant Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services, customized to your regulatory or risk management preference/policy.
  • Best practices and security standards to keep pace with evolving cyberthreats, i.e, encrypted workstations, email security, multi-factor authentication & staff training.
  • Your resources will be organized and managed within the Shipshape IT Portal, your secured, web-based system/process documentation and executive dashboard.
  • Proper anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-SPAM solutions, that are managed with centralized administration and tracking, as part of your White Glove IT Support.
  • Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT) to equip employees to protect your business assets from loss or harm.
  • Expert advice on policies and procedures to protect your valuable data.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to prevent exfiltration of sensitive data, either accidentally or maliciously.
  • Unlimited On-Site Support for you and your staff.

What Our Clients Say

Shipshape IT’s remote IT management is a game-changer. Their proactive approach and instant support have allowed us to focus on our business without worrying about IT issues.

Jessica, Financial Services Company

We’re a nonprofit with a limited budget, and Shipshape IT’s managed services have allowed us to operate smoothly without breaking the bank. They’ve been an essential partner in helping us achieve our mission.

David, Nonprofit Organization

The team at Shipshape IT has been a breath of fresh air. They’re knowledgeable, responsive, and always looking for ways to improve our technology infrastructure. Highly recommended!

Susan, Manufacturing Company

Shipshape IT has been a valuable partner in helping us manage our IT infrastructure. They’re always available when we need them and are constantly looking for ways to improve our technology. We couldn’t be happier with their services.

Tom, Professional Services Company

Services We Provide

White Glove IT Services in Capitol Hill, DC

In its quest to redefine IT support in Capitol Hill, Shipshape IT has meticulously engineered comprehensive solutions that address malignant challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses. Our white glove IT services reflect our unwavering commitment to our clients’ needs and aspirations through quick response to downtimes, dedicated management through our senior IT staff, and a security-focused approach to protect your business. All without the constraints of binding long-term contracts

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services refer to an ongoing, proactive assessment of your business’s IT assets by an outsourced partner. As a trusted MSP in Capitol Hill, DC, we take responsibility for assessing, monitoring, and managing your IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive managed IT services package covers a full suite of activities, from actively monitoring your network, data backup and recovery, help desk support, cloud computing, implementing cybersecurity measures and so much more!

Support Requirements Assessment

The Support Requirements Assessment is an exclusive Shipshape IT service brought to you by our most elite, senior tech experts. At our expense, we task our most senior IT staff with assessing your IT infrastructure’s readiness to align with your operational goals. We believe that every business should have ample file storage, flawless backups, efficient hardware, and stringent anti-virus solutions that effortlessly accomplish normal-day operations, and elevate the business towards its objective.


Take proactive measures to protect your business’s data and reputation with Shipshape IT’s cybersecurity service! Small businesses are frequent targets and victims of cyberattacks. As an actively involved MSP, we bring real-world experience in designing and implementing clear-cut measures that help shield small and medium-sized businesses from malware and network breaches.

IT Consulting

Learn how to leverage your business technology to reach peak performance with professional advice from our experienced IT consulting staff. Making complex decisions regarding the best purchase and use for your business IT calls for the involvement of an MSP that clearly understands your unique challenges. At Shipshape IT, we assess your needs by asking all the important questions about your vision and goals. Next, we make custom-made recommendations on hardware and software upgrades that edge your business closer to its goals.

Consultation Management as a Service (CMaaS)

Consultation as a Management is an extension of our IT support service covering cybersecurity, resource tracking, disaster recovery planning, and systems monitoring. As a CMaaS client, you can keep your IT ecosystem at the forefront of innovation and security at no additional charge. To Shipshape IT, true partnership means going the extra mile. That’s why our dedicated management and senior technical staff proactively engage in regular meetings with our esteemed CMaaS clients to explore new challenges and opportunities brought by evolving technologies.

Portal: Your Job Made Easier

Portal is Shipshape IT’s spinal cord for IT operations management and the (often neglected) administrative and logistical elements of IT service delivery.

  • Portal enables the comprehensive documentation and management of your information technology operations and logistics and is a transparent, shared resource, accessed and updated by Shipshape IT and the client.
  •  Track everything from inventory to information security in real-time. Review Shipshape IT’s performance & receive email alerts on changes and updates.
  • Portal’s inherent documentation, policy/procedure-detail, traceability, versioning and change-controltracking are all essential components to ensure client’s have proper oversight and documentation to verify Shipshape IT’s performance is up to White Glove standards.

What Makes Shipshape IT Unique?

Continuous Support for Solopreneurs and SMBs

The old break-fix approach to managing your IT ecosystem doesn’t cut it. This comes at a time when new technologies make waves in today’s business landscape, bringing with them new challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Shipshape IT is committed to serving SMBs in Capitol Hill, DC. Our goal is to provide consistent, reliable support that guarantees minimized downtime and enhanced productivity for small teams.

Passionate and Dedicated IT Support Team

Truth be told, businesses face unique IT challenges. Every IT challenge calls for specialized expertise. Shipshape IT assigns each IT support task to the most suited staff member specialized in that area. We understand that the key to delivering exceptional IT solutions lies in having the right people on board and keeping them by our side. We handpick top talent with the expertise and drive to cater to your needs and provide them with the opportunity to grow with you. In the end, you can enjoy uninterrupted support services every step of the way.

Hand-Picked Tech Innovation Based on Your Needs

As your business expands, it makes sense to purchase newer, faster, and more powerful technology to match the demand. Our IT support specialists will make accurate software and hardware recommendations based solely on your needs, so you don’t spend on what you don’t have to. As a trustworthy IT support provider in Capitol Hill, we do not resell any products that we recommend. It is in our best interests to provide a transparent shopping experience for our clients, with important product purchase documentation stored on your portal for future reference.

Well-Documented Processes on a Neatly Organized Portal

Shipshape IT documents important activity in regard to your purchases, system components, policies, and procedures and neatly displays them on your dedicated portal for reference anywhere, anytime. Our clear-cut documentation process enables us to make informed decisions by analyzing recurring patterns and anomalies and crafting solutions that enhance your overall performance.

Enhance Your Capitol Hill Business with Shipshape IT's Proactive IT Support

Shipshape IT is more than your average MSP. We advocate for a tailored IT support approach because we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it. As such, we’ll work alongside your in-house IT team as a trusted advisor, guiding you through the rapidly evolving tech landscape and helping you make informed decisions that propel your business to greater heights.

Let us handle your IT needs, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business and achieving your goals.

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