Top Rated Cardozo IT Support Services

Why Shipshape IT is The Top-Rated Managed IT Services Provider in Cardozo, DC?

Unlimited On-Site Support

If your IT support issue cannot be resolved quickly using our remote management toolset, we will dispatch technical support staff to your location at no additional charge.

Flexible Contracts

93% of Cardozo area clients who choose Shipshape IT, also choose to retain our services year over year. By providing IT support clients the flexibility to leave after 90 days with 30-day notice, small businesses in the Cardozo, DC area can engage Shipshape IT without risk or apprehension.

Superior Staff

Competitors that charge an hourly rate for IT support have an economic incentive to hire staff that costs less yet requires more time to complete a job. Under Shipshape IT’s Comprehensive Management as-a-Service, (CMaaS), our incentive is to support staff and systems with maximum effectiveness. This means we hire experienced, amazingly talented people and provide them with a deliberate growth and reward path to ensure they are motivated to stay at the top of their game and remain with us long term.

Rapid Response

At Shipshape IT, we’re focused on providing outstanding client service. Any IT support issue that interrupts your business will be treated with urgency. That is why we respond to you within 15 minutes and begin support immediately.

Stress-Free IT Support Services Inspired by Your Needs

Tap into our 30-year-plus experience, enhance performance, manage risks, and boost your organization’s growth with our all-inclusive IT support service in Cardozo, DC. We’ll solve complicated IT issues weighing down your business so you don’t have to!

  • Enjoy unlimited onsite support at no additional charge! Shipshape IT commits fully to resolving matters onsite and remotely. Free up more time for your in-house teams to focus on activities that contribute to your business growth.
  • Save more time and money with our simplified IT support services that deliver only what you need. At Shipshape IT, we like to keep things simple – we won’t recommend solutions that you do not need or create complicated price charts for services that don’t align with your business needs.
  • Protect your business from unscrupulous web and email activity. The cybersecurity threat has never been greater. Our 30+ years of experience in dealing with cybersecurity threats alongside network management enables us to identify and prevent the toughest threats from penetrating your business’ defenses.
  • Reduce downtimes with our swift, 15-minute response. Issues that interfere with normal operations are treated as emergencies, and we’ll have our onsite/offsite teams respond rapidly (remotely or at your location) to get things back in order in no time!
  • Maximize your business performance with our Comprehensive Management as-a-Service, (CMaaS); a unique Shipshape IT approach that gives our IT support staff genuine reasons to cater to your needs for the long term.
  • Learn more about the IT challenges facing your business from our hand-picked IT support staff. We hold regular meetings to discuss the IT issues affecting your business.

Due Diligence & Clearly Defined Deliverables: IT Support Requirements Assessment.

Through mature processes and meticulous due diligence, clients benefit from consistent rapid response and zero hourly billing/upcharges, all without the risk of long-term contracts. This due diligence process begins with Shipshape IT’s Support Requirements Assessment.

Support Requirements Assessment: Objectives

Why CMaaS?

Shipshape IT’s Comprehensive Management-as-a-Service (CMaaS) makes your job easier with clearly defined & meticulously 

managed deliverables. We serve as your logistical, technical, and administrative authority for your IT Support Services. Shipshape IT’s CMaaS enables you to quickly implement a full suite of mission critical IT support and infrastructure services for your Cardozo area small or medium size business.

  • Redundant Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services, customized to your regulatory or risk management preference/policy.
  • Best practices and security standards to keep pace with evolving cyberthreats, i.e, encrypted workstations, email security, multi-factor authentication & staff training.
  • Your resources will be organized and managed within the Shipshape IT Portal, your secured, web-based system/process documentation and executive dashboard.
  • Proper anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-SPAM solutions, that are managed with centralized administration and tracking, as part of your White Glove IT Support.
  • Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT) to equip employees to protect your business assets from loss or harm.
  • Expert advice on policies and procedures to protect your valuable data.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to prevent exfiltration of sensitive data, either accidentally or maliciously.
  • Unlimited On-Site Support for you and your staff.

What Our Clients Say

Shipshape IT’s remote IT management is a game-changer. Their proactive approach and instant support have allowed us to focus on our business without worrying about IT issues.

Jessica, Financial Services Company

We’re a nonprofit with a limited budget, and Shipshape IT’s managed services have allowed us to operate smoothly without breaking the bank. They’ve been an essential partner in helping us achieve our mission.

David, Nonprofit Organization

The team at Shipshape IT has been a breath of fresh air. They’re knowledgeable, responsive, and always looking for ways to improve our technology infrastructure. Highly recommended!

Susan, Manufacturing Company

Shipshape IT has been a valuable partner in helping us manage our IT infrastructure. They’re always available when we need them and are constantly looking for ways to improve our technology. We couldn’t be happier with their services.

Tom, Professional Services Company

Enjoy a Seamless IT Support Experience with Our Managed IT Services

Shipshape IT is here to help you manage routine IT duties without fear or frustration associated with subpar Cardozo IT support companies. Our seasoned IT staff will take charge of your most vital business tech assets, identify, and fix issues in a timely and efficient manner to keep you ahead of the competition.

We hold regular meetings with our clients to discuss a broad scope of IT matters, including the emerging technologies and how they will impact your business, the current state of your infrastructure, key areas for improvement, as well as new cybersecurity challenges affecting modern businesses.

Portal: Your Job Made Easier

Portal is Shipshape IT’s spinal cord for IT operations management and the (often neglected) administrative and logistical elements of IT service delivery.

  • Portal enables the comprehensive documentation and management of your information technology operations and logistics and is a transparent, shared resource, accessed and updated by Shipshape IT and the client.
  •  Track everything from inventory to information security in real-time. Review Shipshape IT’s performance & receive email alerts on changes and updates.
  • Portal’s inherent documentation, policy/procedure-detail, traceability, versioning and change-controltracking are all essential components to ensure client’s have proper oversight and documentation to verify Shipshape IT’s performance is up to White Glove standards.


Our IT support services can help your Cardozo-based business grow and succeed by providing secure and reliable technology solutions, proactive maintenance, and rapid response times. We collaborate closely with you to understand your unique business objectives and tailor our services to meet your specific needs. This enables us to optimize your IT infrastructure and enhance overall productivity, allowing you to focus on core business functions while we manage your technology requirements.

We specialize in serving various industries, including government, nonprofit, legal, financial, and healthcare sectors, among others. Our experience with businesses in the Cardozo area enables us to address the unique IT challenges and compliance requirements specific to each industry. Our team of experts stays current with the latest industry trends and regulatory changes, ensuring that we deliver the most relevant and effective IT solutions for your organization.

Our clients can expect dedicated, high-quality support from our locally-based team of IT professionals. We pride ourselves on offering a personalized approach to IT support, with rapid response times and 24/7 availability. Our locally-focused service ensures that we are familiar with the specific needs and challenges of businesses in the Cardozo, DC area, enabling us to deliver tailored and efficient solutions for our clients.

We have a strong track record of satisfied clients in the Cardozo, DC area, who can vouch for our exceptional service and expertise. Our clients have experienced significant improvements in their IT infrastructure, security, and overall productivity since partnering with us. You can find testimonials on our website, highlighting our commitment to delivering outstanding IT support and our ability to create lasting partnerships with businesses in the region.

We can help your Cardozo-based business achieve greater efficiency and cost savings through our IT support services by optimizing your technology infrastructure, streamlining processes, and implementing cost-effective solutions. Our proactive maintenance and monitoring ensure that potential issues are identified and resolved before they cause downtime, reducing the risk of costly disruptions. Additionally, our strategic IT planning and consulting services can help you identify areas for improvement and implement innovative solutions that drive long-term growth and success.

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