Shipshape IT: White Glove IT Support in Chevy Chase

From IT compliance and CMaaS operations, we are here to help.

Why Shipshape IT is The Top-Rated Managed IT Services Provider in Chevy Chase DC?

Unlimited On-Site Support

If your IT support issue cannot be resolved quickly using our remote management toolset, we will dispatch technical support staff to your location at no additional charge.

Flexible Contracts

93% of Chevy Chase area clients who choose Shipshape IT, also choose to retain our services year over year. By providing IT support clients the flexibility to leave after 90 days with 30-day notice, small businesses in the Chevy Chase, DC area can engage Shipshape IT without risk or apprehension.

Superior Staff

Competitors that charge an hourly rate for IT support have an economic incentive to hire staff that costs less yet requires more time to complete a job. Under Shipshape IT’s Comprehensive Management as-a-Service, (CMaaS), our incentive is to support staff and systems with maximum effectiveness. This means we hire experienced, amazingly talented people and provide them with a deliberate growth and reward path to ensure they are motivated to stay at the top of their game and remain with us long term.

Rapid Response

At Shipshape IT, we’re focused on providing outstanding client service. Any IT support issue that interrupts your business will be treated with urgency. That is why we respond to you within 15 minutes and begin support immediately.

Benefits of Working With Shipshape IT for Managed IT Services in Chevy Chase, DC

  • Onsite support that improves productivity and operational efficiency
  • Guaranteed fast response and resolution of IT problems
  • Strong reputation for the impeccable IT support services we offer
  • Comprehensive monitoring services to fix and handle issues before they intensify
  • Customized services that align with the company’s unique needs and give you a competitive edge
  • Strong commitment to client gratification and successful business collaboration
  • Wide range of services and solutions, including IT consulting, cybersecurity, security awareness training, regulatory compliance, and end-user support

Due Diligence & Clearly Defined Deliverables: IT Support Requirements Assessment.

Through mature processes and meticulous due diligence, clients benefit from consistent rapid response and zero hourly billing/upcharges, all without the risk of long-term contracts. This due diligence process begins with Shipshape IT’s Support Requirements Assessment.

Support Requirements Assessment: Objectives

Why CMaaS?

Shipshape IT’s Comprehensive Management-as-a-Service (CMaaS) makes your job easier with clearly defined & meticulously 

managed deliverables. We serve as your logistical, technical, and administrative authority for your IT Support Services. Shipshape IT’s CMaaS enables you to quickly implement a full suite of mission critical IT support and infrastructure services for your Chevy Chase area small or medium size business.

  • Redundant Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services, customized to your regulatory or risk management preference/policy.
  • Best practices and security standards to keep pace with evolving cyberthreats, i.e, encrypted workstations, email security, multi-factor authentication & staff training.
  • Your resources will be organized and managed within the Shipshape IT Portal, your secured, web-based system/process documentation and executive dashboard.
  • Proper anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-SPAM solutions, that are managed with centralized administration and tracking, as part of your White Glove IT Support.
  • Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT) to equip employees to protect your business assets from loss or harm.
  • Expert advice on policies and procedures to protect your valuable data.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to prevent exfiltration of sensitive data, either accidentally or maliciously.
  • Unlimited On-Site Support for you and your staff.

What Our Clients Say

Shipshape IT’s remote IT management is a game-changer. Their proactive approach and instant support have allowed us to focus on our business without worrying about IT issues.

Jessica, Financial Services Company

We’re a nonprofit with a limited budget, and Shipshape IT’s managed services have allowed us to operate smoothly without breaking the bank. They’ve been an essential partner in helping us achieve our mission.

David, Nonprofit Organization

The team at Shipshape IT has been a breath of fresh air. They’re knowledgeable, responsive, and always looking for ways to improve our technology infrastructure. Highly recommended!

Susan, Manufacturing Company

Shipshape IT has been a valuable partner in helping us manage our IT infrastructure. They’re always available when we need them and are constantly looking for ways to improve our technology. We couldn’t be happier with their services.

Tom, Professional Services Company

Shipshape IT's Approach to IT Support in Chevy Chase

  • Leveraging sophisticated technology and best practices to ensure the smooth running of your IT department
  • Emphasis on a proactive approach to identifying potential system vulnerabilities before they escalate and prevent them from recurring in the future
  • Rapid response times and 24/7 support to protect the company from sophisticated cyberattacks and prolonged downtime
  • Seamless and regular communication and reporting to keep clients in the know and in control of their IT department
  • Focus on strict data management and storage protocols to ensure company and client information remains secure

Portal: Your Job Made Easier

Portal is Shipshape IT’s spinal cord for IT operations management and the (often neglected) administrative and logistical elements of IT service delivery.

  • Portal enables the comprehensive documentation and management of your information technology operations and logistics and is a transparent, shared resource, accessed and updated by Shipshape IT and the client.
  •  Track everything from inventory to information security in real-time. Review Shipshape IT’s performance & receive email alerts on changes and updates.
  • Portal’s inherent documentation, policy/procedure-detail, traceability, versioning and change-controltracking are all essential components to ensure client’s have proper oversight and documentation to verify Shipshape IT’s performance is up to White Glove standards.


Shipshape IT caters to the unique IT needs of businesses in the Chevy Chase, DC area by understanding the local business landscape and offering customized solutions to meet their specific requirements. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with clients to assess their needs and create personalized IT strategies that help them stay competitive. We also stay up to date with local industry trends and regulations, ensuring that our clients’ IT systems remain compliant and secure. Furthermore, our local presence allows us to provide timely on-site support and foster long-lasting relationships with our clients in the Chevy Chase area.

Shipshape IT has formed strong local partnerships and affiliations in the Chevy Chase community to support its clients effectively. We collaborate with various local organizations, such as the Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce, to stay informed about the latest business developments and opportunities. Additionally, we partner with leading technology vendors and suppliers in the region to offer cutting-edge solutions and exclusive deals to our clients. These local connections enable us to provide a comprehensive range of IT services that address the specific needs of businesses in the Chevy Chase, DC area.

Shipshape IT has successfully tailored its managed IT services to the needs of numerous businesses in the Chevy Chase, DC area. For instance, we have helped local retailers implement robust POS systems and inventory management solutions that streamline their operations. We have also supported law firms by ensuring their IT infrastructure meets the stringent security and compliance requirements of their industry. Our expertise in various sectors allows us to adapt our services to meet the unique needs of businesses in the Chevy Chase area and help them thrive in their respective markets.

What sets Shipshape IT apart from other IT service providers in the Chevy Chase, DC community is our strong focus on local expertise and customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals not only possesses extensive knowledge of the local business landscape but also remains committed to delivering exceptional service and building lasting relationships with our clients. We prioritize transparency, communication, and responsiveness in our approach to ensure that our clients feel supported and valued. Our track record of successful IT projects and positive client testimonials further demonstrate our dedication to helping businesses in the Chevy Chase area achieve their goals.

Shipshape IT has had a significant impact on the efficiency and productivity of businesses in the Chevy Chase, DC area through  expert IT solutions and services. We have helped a local healthcare provider implement a secure and reliable electronic health record system, which has streamlined patient management and improved their overall quality of care. Additionally, we have assisted a local marketing agency with its digital transformation journey, enabling them to leverage advanced analytics and automation tools to optimize its campaigns and boost ROI. These success stories highlight our commitment to empowering businesses in the Chevy Chase area to harness the full potential of technology.

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