Managed IT Services

We don’t just wish you bon voyage. We’re on board.

Managed IT Services

Technical expertise is simply not enough. At Shipshape IT we connect great people, matured processes and best in class technology to form a highly structured management and operations framework that ensures the smooth operation of your business and unrivaled care and support for you and your staff.

A Holistic Approach

We begin by asking the right questions, then listening to your answers until we’ve properly defined your specific needs and goals. Only then do we formulate, implement and manage effective IT policies, response protocols and strategic guidance that conforms to the needs and budget of each unique client. 

Your Job Made Easier

At Shipshape IT, we prevent and solve problems; collect, maintain and disseminate data; and record and document progress- giving you and your team back the valuable time and peace of mind lost to lesser providers.

From solopreneurs to mid-size organizations, Shipshape IT is on board. Contact Us to learn more.


For organizations ranging from dozens to hundreds of staff.

Compare Plans

Choose a plan based on practical considerations and bottom-line benefits.

IT Services for Smaller Teams

For Solopreneurs to small teams.

Industry Expertise

Since its founding in 2010, Shipshape IT has developed mature and effective processes to support specific industries.

Support Requirements Assessment

Expert due diligence performed at our expense.

IT Consulting

Maximize the impact of your IT and your IT investment.