Critical MaaS

A comprehensive suite of managed IT services tailored to your business and your people.

Critical MaaSSM— Critical IT Management as-a-Service

Critical MaaS is an aggregation of top-tier third-party solutions delivered via Shipshape IT’s management and operations framework. Under this framework, Critical MaaS manages key functions such as cybersecurity, systems monitoring, disaster recovery planning, resource tracking, vendor management, future technology initiatives and other items critical to ensuring the smooth operation of your business and professional support of your team.

All operations are visible to our clients through Shipshape IT’s Portal. Portal is the communications backbone of the administrative and logistical elements of our managed services delivery. Portal is shared with our clients and ensures that you have proper oversight of Shipshape IT’s performance and keeps you informed about your IT operations with traceability, version control and collaborative updates. Portal will make your job easier.

Critical MaaS includes unlimited support for a fixed, predictable monthly price. For our clients in the Washington DC metro area, there is no difference in price or response should on-site support be required.

Critical MaaS is tailored to your business needs and risks and includes the core recurring services every business must have:

Are you kept fully informed about your IT operations? It’s time for a change.

Shipshape IT’s Portal enables the comprehensive documentation, management and logistics of your IT world. Portal keeps you informed and confident that your IT Operations and your team are in good hands. Complete traceability is provided through change control tracking and versioning ensuring that you have proper oversight of your white Glove IT Services.

Access the status and detailed history of service tickets, authorized users and computers, risk awareness, your technology road map, and more 24/7. In all, 17 distinct categories of your operation are tracked and documented to make your job easier. 

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In addition to expedient and effective response, the technology experts at Shipshape IT proactively tend to the ongoing maintenance requirements of our clients’ infrastructure.

It’s no coincidence that Shipshape IT exceeds the industry norms for both client and employee retention. Successful companies begin with talented people supported by a strong management team and working within the right business model. All of these elements are required to attract and retain the best staff, who in turn delight our clients at every interaction. 

Critical MaaS clients benefit from unlimited support delivered by the best team in the business. For those in the Washington DC metropolitan area, there is no additional cost for on-site support. If it can’t be resolved efficiently via remote methods, we simply deploy a Shipshape IT employee to your location.


Shipshape IT understands that any interruption to your business is serious. And that consistent service quality and response time are essential to retaining satisfied clients. That’s why our policy is to respond to all Critical MaaS support requests within fifteen minutes during our normal business hours of 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST Monday through Friday and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekends.

We also understand the need to address mission critical failures immediately, no matter when they occur. We monitor critical systems 24×7, whether they’re in your facilities, ours or with your cloud provider.  When issues arise we initiate your documented response protocols designated during the Deployment process.

Data backups are an essential component of all IT management programs. Since no backup is 100% effective, 100% of the time, Shipshape IT recommends implementing more than one backup solution in tandem for all critical data. Our methods include:

Workstation files backup

Full system imaging

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud backups

Backup of on and off-premise servers


Backups without a disaster recovery plan for restoring and accessing your data, or a business continuity plan to get systems back online and restore business operations – are simply not enough and can be the downfall of a small businesses reputation.

Shipshape IT believes every effort should be made to prevent problems before they occur, but that it’s also critical to be adequately protected in the event of a “black swan” event.

Critical MaaS clients benefit from a complete strategy for responding to an unanticipated event and putting their operations back on solid footing with confidence.

In addition to expedient and effective response, the technology experts at Shipshape IT proactively tend the ongoing maintenance requirements of our clients’ infrastructure. 

In addition to expedient and effective response, the technology experts at Shipshape IT proactively tend to the ongoing maintenance requirements of our clients’ infrastructure.