Federal Contractors

White Glove IT Services Designed for Federal Contractors

Shipshape IT knows how to supplement Federal Contracting firms. Learn how our past performance can help you meet government standards.

With almost a decade of providing underlying technical and data center solutions for our Government Contractor Clients, Shipshape IT can proudly boast successful, recurrent engagements at a variety of agencies and vendors ranging from boutique firms, up through highly scalable applications and infrastructure.

Shipshape IT knows what it takes to succeed in the Federal space:

  • Shipshape IT has hosted government sites supporting millions of visitors worldwide, using Windows, .NET, SQL, Drupal, PHP and MySQL technologies.
  • Shipshape IT can provide immediate disaster recovery and business continuity contingencies.
  • If your COR needs documentation for compliance or your DCAA auditor needs a demonstration of your disaster recovery system, we’ll help there too.