Law Firms

White Glove IT Services Designed for Law Firms

Our breadth of legal IT experience protects your partnership.

Since it’s founding in 2010, Shipshape IT has assisted dozens of mid-sized law firms with IT Support and Strategic Technology Management. Shipshape IT has maintained these clients year over year by a combination of staff retention, and knowing both the technology and business of Law.

Shipshape IT has consistently displaced competitors lacking this essential depth and breadth of experience necessary to help law firms. Shipshape IT takes great pride in having retained 93% of our legal sector clients year after year.

Accordingly, we add value and mitigate risk.

We make your job easier by ensuring:

  • Client Data is properly and securely retained
  • Operations Staff with substantial experience working with, and for Law Firms
  • Critical systems operate as required
  • Documented and Tested Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
  • Effective & Documented IT Governance
  • Compliance with Fiduciary Obligations of retention and confidentiality for IT Systems