Non-Profit Organizations

White Glove IT Services Designed for 501(c) Organizations

Shipshape IT offers a more effective and compelling business model, remedying budget constraints and IT support issues.

Shipshape IT’s fixed price and unlimited approach to supplying IT Services fits well with the strict budget requirements of 501(c) organizations.

Shipshape IT provides 501(c) clients with a more effective and compelling business model. It’s the reason we’ve retained 91% of our clients in the non-profit sector for the past 3 years.

Our unique IT support model lowers your expenditure and provides:

  • The most effective balance of premise and cloud based services
  • Migration services for mail, web applications, file systems and Active Directory
  • Office 365 hosting/application infrastructure and 501(c) discounts
  • Multi-year pricing guarantees
  • Fixed prices for projects and monthly recurrent IT support
  • Flexibility offered by short or long term agreements